System Sticks

An enamel container for toothpicks

System stick with enamel container for toothpicks, probably France at the end of the 19th century.

A clock patented Holuska Vienna

System stick with integrated clock patented Holuska Vienna 1870/80.

A fan stick

System stick with integrated fan, France, end of 19th century.

A drinking stick

System stick with a collapsible drinking cup made of nickel that fits into the handle, 19th century.

A mill board game

A system stick with a mill board game hidden in a brass button, late 19th century.

A fishing rod

System stick made of bamboo with root knob and integrated fishing rod, probably England at the beginning of the 20th century

A water-spraying fly agaric

System stick with water-spraying fly agaric with a face around 1900.

A burglar cane

System stick, burglar stick with a tapered wooden knob around 1900.

 A botanist's cane

A cane of a botanist France around 1900.

A stick for cigars smokers

System stick with cigars, matches and knife around 1900.

A cane with writing instruments

System stick with writing instrument, France, 2nd half of the 19th century.

A Holuska clock cane

Watch cane patent L. Holuska Vienna 1885. with silver knob.

A watch cane

Antique watch cane France around 1900.

 A pillbox

An antique system stick with an elegant French silver gilt knob as a pillbox.